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We build the capacity of Non-Profit organisations all over the world. Our success formula enables your Not-For-Profit organisation to create the conditions for success. Because a well-run civil society with strong Non Profit organisations means a better world.

About Jolan

My name is Johanna van Herwaarden and I am a trainer, auditor, and facilitator in Organisational Capacity Building and Fundraising Capacity Building. Through College of Change, I train and mentor international fundraising teams and support event management, fundraising and advice/consultancy. I specialise in coaching grant recipients of large international NGO´s toward financial maturity.

With over 20 years of experience in fundraising, project management, and working with international organisations all over Europe but extensively in Eastern Europe, Holland, and the UK, I help build your organisational capacity for your non-profit organisation

I was lucky to be part of -and nurtured by- NGO's for more than 20 years ago. It all started in the early nineties when I joined the Dutch Aids Fonds as an activist and organised many Walk for Lifes and World Aids Days, 

After 6 years, I moved on to a women’s rights organisation as their first professional fundraiser, became head of Fundraising and Communication for an international development agency, and set up the Major Donor programme for the Dutch Cancer Society. In my 12 years in the United Kingdom, I have taken up similar senior positions at International Development charities.

Of course, you can find me at the International Fundraising Congress in Holland. I acquired a large network of international contacts and it has enabled me to learn and share experiences with fundraisers from all over the world. As a keen supporter of our international non-profit sector, I am part of the board of policy-making bodies in the Netherlands, UK, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. In addition, I am passionate about a professional support/education for fundraisers, so I am a trainer and examinator at various educational institutes.

Confidentional Counselor

Soon every organization will be required by law to appoint a confidential advisor. Regardless of company size.
This can be completed with an internal or external confidential advisor. Large companies often work with an internal confidential advisor. But in practice, an internal confidential adviser does not seem to work. It is difficult for many organizations, because you know each other well. It is difficult to guarantee independence, while that is exactly what is needed. An external confidential adviser can then offer a solution.
We are a sparring partner for management boards and HR advisors, and we offer employees a listening ear. In case of undesirable behavior in the workplace. But an employee can also confide in our confidential adviser in the event of other abuses. Because what if a colleague takes materials or tools home? Or worse? In situations like these, we act as a 'confidential integrity adviser'. Because that's what we're authorized to do. Call us in for a one-off matter, or make the College of Change Confidential Advisor your regular external partner.
With us as an external confidential advisor:
• Guarantee your independence
• Arrange your policy 'right first time'
• Comply with laws and regulations in a cost-conscious manner
• Radiate your transparency
• Bring social peace to your charitable organization
With a fixed basic amount per month, you can count on an information session for the board and MT, an anonymized annual report, always a Confidential Adviser on standby and support in making policy. In addition, there is a fixed amount per conversation with one of your employees. In addition, you can opt for a monthly blog on the intranet (or an email to all) with a case study, regularly interesting articles or an in-company training in Diversity and Inclusion.

external support

Do you want to grow your organisation, get some new ideas and try methods that have been tested and give results? Then our fundraising trainer / coach is the way to go.

We can help you:

  • inspire your fundraising
  • create more understanding about fundraising in your organisation 
  • conduct a feasibility study or competitor review
  • instill more Fundraising understanding at board level
  • work effectively together as a team
  • pin down the real and strong emotive case for support
  • organise a Major Donor event
  • facilitate your strategic planning
  • offer mediation and conflict resolution 


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Fundraising training

Depending on the need, we will work with fundraisers, trustees, volunteers and senior management teams. Or, better; a mix of these. Because building the capacity of your organisation is never done in isolation. In one of our workshops, you will learn all fundraising methodologies, discuss the Core Principles of Resource Mobilisation and how to diversify income streams. For different participants we have different fundraising training courses, to help your organisation succeed.

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